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The MegaSquirt Engine Management System

The MegaSquirt System is a DIY Fuel Injection and Ignition system that can be retrofitted to virtually any car. I did it for entertainment and the fact that it give one access to the settings for the FI and Ign. With this you can connect to the system with a laptop and make changes as necessary to get the car to run the way it should..

This first video is an overview of my 1983 XJ6 and the changes I have made to her, including the MegaSquirt and coil-on-plug systems.

This next video goes into greater detail about the conversion


I learned about the MegaSquirt system from a friend. The Jetronic system used in the XJ6 was very progressive for the early 1980s but time passed and left it behind. The MegaSquirt is excellent because it is open source and you have complete control of how the system is configured. I built mine from a kit because it was more cost effective for a test box, and because I have a background in electronics. It has worked flawlessly for several years now, except for one failure caused by an incorrect setting on my part, and I have absolutely nothing to complain about. As a side bonus, the MS will also manage the ignition and that works flawlessly as well. Below are some basic diagrams of the way I connected it on my system. I used the information that was current at the time, most of it from the now obsolete Megamanual, as well as what is now outdated firmware. I will update the firmware and these pages when I feel the need. For now, she is running great.


MS wiring
Basic MS Wiring

EDIS Wiring
EDIS COP Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram
MegaSquirt Wiring Diagram

My Current MS Firmware Config File