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1951 XK120 Roadster

Silver 1951 XK120 Roadster Index Page

2 - 28 December 2011     Receive car, Alternator, Starter, Cooling system, Ignition system.  Engine problems.

3 - 17 January 2012    Brakes, Fuel system, Wiring, Windshield. Remove engine.  Disassemble engine.  Windshield. 

6 - 15 March 2012   Fuel system, Engine.

22 April - 2 May 2012   Engine, Carbs, Drive shaft, Turn-signal switch, Tranny, Front suspension, Chrome

7- 25 May 2012  Interior, Windshield, Exhaust, Seat tracks

11 June - 13 July 2012   Seats, Instrument panel, Wipers. Doors, Throttle linkage. Windshield, Wipers, Fuel system, Ignition

8 August - 5 September 2012   Instrument panel, wiring, lights, hoses, coolant.  Start-up, pedals, floor and boot boards, wiper motor, bumpers.
                                               Trunk trim, interior trim. Door panels, headlamps

7 September - 1 October 2012  Wheels and tires, wiper motor, bumper hardware.  Bumpers, boot lid prop rod.  Driving lamps.  Rear wheel hubs,      
                                                bearings and seals. Door panels.

10 October 2012- 12 March 2013  Rear hubs and differential. Front hubs.  Brakes, floor boards. License plate panel, wiring, pedals.  Door seals,   
                                                        transmission tunnel.  Carpeting, underdash, pedals.  Upholstery, pedals.  Loose ends.

15 March - 8 April  2013  Boot. Fuel filler, top snaps. Wiring, bumpers, driving lamps.  Doors, rear end, top, interior.  Underdash panels, seats, carpets

18 - 31 May 2013   Top.  Engine comp, run and first drive.  Mirrors, horn button, horns etc. Wiring, mud shields, fuel pump. Bonnet. Outside photos.

3 - 22 June 2013  Horn Relay, otter switch, coolant temp gage, steering wheel. Inner fenders, bonnet badge and support bracket. fender brace. test drive















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