BJaguar South Restoration

 1971 E-Type OTS

26 May 2009.  Disassembled and loaded on Joe's truck

08-19 January 2010  Receive car and disassembly and paint of rear suspension

20-23 January 2010   Assemble  rear suspension

04-12 February 2010  Instrument panels, water pipes and washer jets. Remove car from cart. Install rear suspension. Begin wiring

15 February - 05 March 2010  Front suspension and brakes.  Drive shaft.  Fuel tank  Wiring.

8-23 March 2010  Front suspension.  Steering rack. Instrument panels. Wiring

25-31 March 2010  Blastin', paintin' and brakes. Brake lines, pedal boxes. Steering

7-27 April 2010  Wiper motor, engine.  Throttle linkage, bonnet latches. Wiring, transmission, engine detail.  Exhaust manifolds

28 April - 22 May 2010  Cam covers, exhaust manifolds. Pics of blue '69E. Cylinder head nuts, ign wire loom.  Transmission.  Mud shields, misc engine parts.  Engine bay.

22 June - 25 August 2010 Engine installation, front suspension.  Front brakes, sway bar. Engine accessories, Mud shields. Relays.  Radiator and heater box.  A/C compressor, radiator fans.

30 August - 10 September 2010  Fluid bottles, heater hoses, A/C dryer, hoses.  Radiator and fans.  Radiator hoses, overflow tank.  Alternator, speedo cable. Shifter, coil, wipers.

19 November - 17 December 2010 Heater box, carbies, instrument panels, steering column. Carbs, gages and switches.  Heater controls, exterior lamps, turnsignal and horn switch.  Speedometer and tach.  Ignition switch, choke cable.

20 December 2010 - 17 March 2011  Tail lamp buckets and finisher.  Floor boards, seats, rear bulkhead, prepare to start.  Start engine, sills.  First drive, A/C vents, sills.  Upholstery, painting. Underfelt, upholstery. Carpet

15 April - 18 June 2011  Glove box, A/C, radio. Upholstery.  Top frame, windshield, bonnet, doors, Bonnet nose chrome, park lamps, headlamp buckets.  Consoles, seats, dash top, A-post.



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